Benvenuto! Welcome! We're so glad you've come!  

What is La Scala, you ask? Ahhh...where to begin. La Scala is nearly 40 years of homemade italian cooking. One family. A dozen recipes. A fresh tomato sauce made from scratch each morning. The perfect slice of pizza. Catering for weddings and intimate dinner parties. A landmark in the community. A warm smile. An old school, caring touch. A taste of tradition in a fast and ever changing world. 

La Scala is more than just a restaurant, it's food for the old, Italian soul. Please come visit us soon. We can't wait to feed you!



Monday         11 am - 10 pm
Tuesday        11 am - 10 pm
Wednesday     11 am - 10 pm
Thursday       11 am - 10 pm
Friday           11 am - 11 pm
Saturday        11 am - 11 pm
Sunday          11 am - 10 pm