About La Scala

La Scala was founded in December of 1974 by Nunzio Cusumano at the ripe, old age of 21. An immigrant from Sicily, having been in the country for only five years, he took his chance at the American dream with the ingredients that he knew best. Tomatoes! La Scala's first slice of pizza was born on December 7, 1974. And it was a phenomenal hit!!  We do everything we can to keep the integrity of that pizza the same to this very day and to treat everyone who walks in our doors as a member of our family.

A couple of years and a couple of bambini later, Nunzio's wife, Milena, came to help out.  And help she did.  A bustling pizzeria grew into a vibrant restaurant.

While Milena kept a watchful eye on La Scala throughout the years, Nunzio went out and launched almost a dozen other, successful Italian restaurants in the Long Island area.

Chris started at the restaurant in 2003 and dedicated himself to his craft, working his way up the ladder from a bus boy to becoming an asset as manager, he became a co-owner of La Scala in 2015. 

You can still find Nunzio and Chris at La Scala today. Please say hello when you do!

LaScala present day is an extremely busy pizzeria, an intimate restaurant with a passionate kitchen, a detail oriented caterer, and a big part of the community. With employees that stick around (some over 20 years!!), they are well seasoned and ready to serve you.

Please come and visit us soon!  We'll be happy to bring our years old expertise to your table.  Whether it be in choosing a slice in our pizzeria, deciding which homemade pasta would go with which sauce in our back room (or should I have the rack of lamb instead???) or how many and what type of trays you will need to feed your guests at your table at home, we are here to help.  And we look forward to it.

Buon Appetito from our family to yours!!